Wednesday, August 5, 2009

English Grammar Notes for Essay Writing

1. Modals (Present form / Past form)
Can / Could
Will / Would
Shall / Should
May / Might
Do / Did

The words (verbs) after these modals must always be in root form which is the basic part of a verb without adding ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’.

2. Words (Verbs) after ‘has’, ‘have’ or ‘had’ must be in past participle form.
Example 1: has written (‘written’ is the past participle form of the verb ‘write’)
Example 2: has held (‘held’ is the past participle form of the verb ‘hold’)

3. In a sentence where there are two verbs the first* verb must have the word ‘had’ in front of it.
Example: Eric told his father about what had happened to him.
*The first activity done / happened.

4. After these words the verb must be added ‘-ing’.
after, before, while, as, when, for, by
Before eating
After trekking
By writing

5. Use articles ‘a’, ‘and’, ‘the’ before nouns.
The grammar notes
A writing guide
An essay

6. Use auxiliaries or auxiliary verbs (is, are, am, was, were) before adjective.
The essay writing guide is useful.
Good Essays website is essential to everyone who wants to write a better essay.

7. During examinations, you should not use contractions such as didn’t, can’t… Use did not or cannot instead.

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