Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Potato People: Moral Values - Question & Answer

What moral values have you learnt from the novel? Give examples from the novel


One of the moral values found in the novel ‘Potato People’ is generosity. This is shown in the friendship between Patrick Flynn and Sean. In the last few chapters, Sean willingly gives a sum of money to Sean and Mane in order for them to leave Ireland for America. Because of this Patrick and Marie could begin a new life. Another example is, when Mother O’Dougherty distributes the food and money donated by the soldiers to the children. Peter O’Connor who takes care of Mary, an abandoned child is another example of this good deed.

Courage and determination

Patrick and Marie are examples of two people who are courageous and determined. They are determined to leave their homeland, Ireland to begin a new life in a foreign land. In the end, after enduring all the hardship, they are able to have a comfortable life in America. They would not have succeed in their life, if they do not have the courage to leave their familiar homeland for a new life in new place.

Friendship and loyalty

Loyalty is shown by the villagers of Skullgoragh when they are with Sean as they try to defend their homes from being destroyed by the British soldiers and Mr. Graystone’s men. Friendship is seen in the relationship between Patrick and Mary, and Patrick and Sean. Patrick and Mary have to go through a lot of hardship before they succeed. They are able to achieve this because of their friendship and loyalty to each other, Sean’s generosity to his friends by providing them the money to buy the tickets to emigrate is also another example of this moral value..

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