Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sonnet 18: More Questions

Exercise 1
Choose the best answer.

1. The poet compares his beloved to
A. a summer's day
B. a beautiful jewel
C. a summer flower
D. a summer shower

2. The phrase 'the darling buds of May' means
A. the beautiful flowers of May
B. the beautiful girls born in May
C. the eyes of the beloved
D. the lines of the sonnet

3. What shines like gold?
A. The flowers of May
B. The beloved's hair
C. The beloved's face
D. The sun

4. The phrase 'fair thou ow'st' means
A. the beauty that death takes away
B. the beauty you owe the poet
C. the beauty you see in nature
D. the beauty you possess

5. What does 'this' mean in 'this gives life to thee'?
A. The eternal summer
B. The summer's day
C. The sonnet
D. The sun

6. The line 'summer's lease hath all too short a date' means
A. summer lasts a short time
B. summer starts on a certain date
C. summer is shorter than other seasons
D. all of the above

7. How long will the sonnet 'give life' to the beloved?
A. As long as the beloved is alive
B. As long as mankind survives
C. As long as the sonnet is read
D. As long as the poet is alive

Exercise 2
Write short answers to the following questions.

1. How is the beloved more temperate than a summer's day?

2. How is the 'gold complexion' (line 6) dimmed?

3. How do 'fair' (line 7) things decline?

4. How would you feel if this poem were addressed to you?

5. Would you praise someone you love in this way? Explain your answer.

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