Friday, July 24, 2009

Si Tenggang Homecoming: Analysis

the physical journey that i traverse
is the journey of the soul,
transport of the self from a fatherland
to a country collected by sight and mind.
the knowledge the sweats from it
is estranger's experience,
from one who had learnt to see, reflect
and choose between
the challenging actualities.
its true i have growled at my mother and
but only after having told them my predicament
that they have never brought to consideration
the wife that i began to love in my loneliness,
in the country that alienated me,
they enveloped in their pre-judgement.
i have not entirely returned, i know,
having been changed by time and place.
coarsed by problems
estranged by absence.
but look.
i have brought myself home,
seasoned by faith.
broadened by land and language,
i am no longer afraid of the oceans
of the difeerences between people,
no longer easily snared
no words of ideas
the journey was a loyal teacher,
who was never tardy
in explaning cultures and variousness.
look i am just like you.
still malay,
sensitive to what
i believe is good,
and more ready to understand
than my brothers.
the contents of these boats are yours too,
because i have returned.
travel makes me
a seeker who does not take
what is given without sincerity
or that which demands payment from
the years at sea and in coastal state
have thought me to choose,
to accept only those tested by
or that which matches the roads of my
which returns me to my village
and its comppleteness.
i've leanrt
the ways of the rude,
to hold actuality in a new logic,
debate with hard and loud facts.
but i too
have humanity, respecting
man and life.
i am not a new man,
not very different
from you;
the people and cities
of coastal ports
thought me not to brood
over a foreign world,
suffer difficulties
or fear possibilities.
i am you,
freed from the village,
its soils and ways,
independent, because
i have found myself.

It is a reflection of si tenggang who has gone overseas and return to his homeland. His perspective of life has widened but basically he is still the same person. |His on people do not accept him and in this poem si tenggang tries to convince them he still respect his poeple and their culture.

Poetic devices

'the physical journey that i traverse is the journey of the soul'

'the journey was a loyal teacher who was never tardy'
'the country that alienated me'

'journey of the soul'
'to a country collected'
'....growled.......mother and granmother'
'estranged by absence'

'Freed from'
'Country collected'
'land and langguages'

represents the unknown , something big and mysterious
represents his native land , his home
'journey of the soul'
represents internal or spiritual reflection during his travel
'i am you'
the 'you' represents all malay poeple

'seasoned by confidence'
'the contents of this these boats are yours too'

  • 'travels' to foreign lands
  • home is where one belongs
  • alienation
  • independence
  • search for knowledge
  • loneliness
  • rejection and acceptence
  • respect and humality
  • importance of rootsloyalty to ones community and country
  • courage and integrity


  • we should not be afraid to travel and widen our horizons
  • learning is an on going process
  • one must live in harmony with one's family and society
  • no matter how far we go home is where we belong
  • one must be humble and respectful no matter how learned someone is


  • islam encourages us to seek knoeledge
  • do not judge people without understanding them
  • do not be afraid to try new things

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