Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Road Not Taken: Questions

Exercise 1
Choose the best answer.

1. We know it is autumn because
A. the roads are grassy
B. the trees are green in colour
C. the leaves are yellow in colour
D. the persona cannot see the roads due to mist

2. The persona is travelling
A. by himself
B. with a guide
C. with a friend
D. with his family

3. In stanza 3, what 'lay in leaves'?
A. The persona
B. One of the roads
C. Both the roads
D. The undergrowth

4. The persona will be telling with a sigh that he
A. travelled on both roads
B. took the less travelled road
C. did not take either road
D. regretted that he came to the wood

5. Which statement best describes the action of the persona?
A. He looked at the two roads and went back to where he came from.
B. He walked on the other road when he was older.
C. He chose both roads and regretted it.
D. He chose one road and regretted it.

6. Which of the following statements is true of the roads as described in this poem?
A. Both roads have black leaves.
B. Neither road has black leaves.
C. Both roads bend in the undergrowth.
D. Neither road bends in the undergrowth.

7. In the last stanza, where does the persona think he will be ages hence?
A. On the road not taken
B. In an unknown place
C. In the undergrowth
D. In the wood

Exercise 2
Write short answers to the following questions.

1. What time of day is it when the persona looks at the two roads?

2. Write down any two things about the wood.

3. What is the main theme of the poem?

4. Briefly say why you like any one feature of this poem.

5. Describe one choice you made in school this year which affected your studies.

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