Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potato People: Question & Answer - Theme

Based on the novel of your choice, write on the theme, “Hope and Despair”


Based on the novel, ’Potato People’ by Angela Wright which I have chosen, I am of the opinion that the themes hope and despair are portrayed in this inspiring novel.

The Irish villagers have always placed their full hope on their potato crops. These crops contributed to their meagre income and was also their staple food. The crops helped them in earning a decent living and enabled them to pay rent to their landlords.

However, despair settled in them when their precious potato crops were destroyed by the potato blight .This brought disaster upon them. Many were inflicted by diseases. Some died in the process. Suffering and difficulty swept the whole land as this reality slowly took its toll over the heartbroken people. The British government‘s indifference only worsened the situation as they offered no significant help.

Therefore, their only hope was to seek greener pastures and start anew in the ‘New World’, which was America. They dreamed of leaving their tragic past behind and working for a better and brighter future in America, seeking a life – which would cater better to their needs and wants. This pushed them to pursue their dreams and many succeeded in the end.

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