Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potato People: Question & Answer - Plot

Choose one of the novels and explain why you like or dislike the ending of the story. Give reasons to support your answer.


The novel that I have chosen is Potato People by Angela Wright. I definitely like the ending because it is a happy ending.

The beginning is full of suffering, despair and unhappiness. The villagers were starving and dying. Some even became cannibals. The people were so desperate that they ate anything in sight like weeds, leaves and dead animals. It was a delight to read that everything ended on a positive note. Patrick and Marie managed to migrate to America and they built a new life for themselves. After struggling at first, Patrick became a rich rancher and married Marie. He was generous and kind. He helped anyone who came to his house begging for food. He never forgot his roots or his own country.

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