Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Pearl: Question & Answer

One important element of The Pearl is the contrast between fate and human agency between the destiny that is made for us and the destiny that we make.

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The role of fate looms large in Kino's undoing in two ways. First, Kino's downfall is incited by his accidental, divinely appointed discovery of the pearl. Second, Kino's status as an impoverished fisherman who lives under the burden of colonial oppression also creates the sense that his tragedy is decreed by fate. The odds weigh heavily against his success, and it must be granted that, to some extent, society does conspire toward his downfall.

At the same time, Kino is in large part to blame for his misfortunes. His headstrong insistence on profit at all cost and his refusal to heed the warnings of his brother and his wife demonstrate his stubbornness and heedlessness; his excessive dependence on violence betrays a possible recklessness and poor judgment. Ultimately, Kino's own shortcomings are the cause of the destruction of his happy family life.

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