Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Lotus Eater: Questions

Exercise 1
Choose the correct answer.

1. The narrator sees Wilson for the first time
A. in the Bay of Naples
B. on Mount Vesuvius
C. in a beautiful garden
D. on a hillside

2. Which of the following statements is true about Wilson's life on the island of Capri?
A. He often entertains friends in his cottage.
B. He supports himself by giving piano lessons.
C. He lives a quiet life all by himself.
D. He lives in the cottage with Assunta and her husband.

3. Wilson said he bought an annuity for twenty-five years. How did he get the money to do this?
A. He won a cash prize.
B. He inherited money from his family.
C. He made a very profitable business deal.
D. He had savings and he sold his house.

4. When Wilson's money first ran out
A. Assunta asked Wilson to leave
B. Assunta found Wilson a job as a boatman.
C. Assunta continued to clean and cook for Wilson.
D. Assunta sometimes asked the narrator's friend for some money for Wilson.

5. Why does the narrator's friend say that Wilson's mind was damaged by the smoke?
A. Because Wilson would not leave the hospital
B. Because Wilson did not recognize the narrator's friend
C. Because Wilson borrowed small sums of money
D. Because Wilson would not pay the rent

6. What was Wilson doing when the narrator saw him for the last time?
A. He was hiding behind a tree.
B. He was walking by the beach.
C. He was sleeping on the hillside.
D. He was looking after Assunta's goats.

Exercise 2
Answer the questions based on your knowledge of the whole story.

1. Who thinks Wilson lives a dull life?

2. Where did Wilson live before moving to the island of Capri?

3. What does Wilson like about the island of Capri?

4. How does Wilson try to kill himself?

5. Who discovers Wilson in the cottage after he tries to kill himself?

6. Where does Wilson live when he leaves the cottage?

7. Why does the friend think that Wilson's mind was damaged by the smoke?

8. Describe the night Wilson finally died.

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