Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Drover's Wife: More Questions

Exercise 1
Choose the best answer.

1. When Tommy first sees the snake, what does he want to do?
A. He wants to hit the snake with a stick.
B. He wants to throw the stick at the dog.
C. He wants to throw his stick at the snake.
D. He wants to throw the snake into the wood-heap.

2. The drover's wife makes the children sleep on the table because
A. that is the cleanest place in the house.
B. that is the way they always sleep.
C. that is the only place with a candle.
D. that is the safest place in the house.

3. What does the brother-in-law do when he visits the drover's wife once a month?
A. He brings groceries for the family.
B. He takes the sheep to the market.
C. He catches the snakes in the house.
D. He takes the cow to the market.

4. Which statement best describes Alligator?
A. He loves to welcome the relatives when they visit.
B. He will probably be sold in the market one day.
C. He will probably be killed by a snake one day.
D. He is a black and white dog.

5. Which statement best describes Tommy?
A. He wants to be a drover like his father.
B. He is brave and wants to kill the snake.
C. He likes dogs that kill snakes.
D. He is very afraid of the snake.

Exercise 2
Write short answers to the following questions.

1. Why does the drover's wife set out two dishes of milk?

2. What does the drover's wife do when the thunderstorm comes?

3. What does the drover's wife do every Sunday?

4. Why did the husband stop being a farmer?

5. Briefly describe the drover's house.

6. Briefly describe Tommy's character.

7. Why does the drover's wife cry at the end of the story?

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