Friday, July 3, 2009


1. The New Day

  • Kino and Juana awaken at dawn.
  • Juana tends to her fire.
  • She prepares a simple breakfast of corn cakes.
  • She croons a simple ancient song of her people.
  • Kino goes out to survey the morning.
  • God-like he observes the ants.
  • He accepts the homage of his dog.
  • Kino eats his breakfast contentedly

2. The Scorpion episode

  • Juana and Kino saw a scorpion moving down the rope which supports the baby’s hammock.
  • The Song of Evil rises in his mind almost drowning out the song of Family.
  • Juana whispers prayers.
  • Kino stealthily approaches the enemy.
  • The baby, laughing, shakes the rope.
  • The scorpion falls, stinging the baby’s shoulder.
  • Kino in rage, destroys the scorpion.
  • A horde of neighbours, alarmed by the baby’s screams ran to the hunt
  • Juana wants to get the doctor.
  • When told that the doctor will not come to a poor home, she decides to take the baby to him.

3. The processions to the doctor’s house.

  • Juana carried Coyotito followed by Kino.
  • Juana Torres and Apolonia and the neighbours and their children followed
  • The newcomers from the outskirts and the four beggars from the front of the church followed too.
  • The beggars correctly anticipate the doctor will refuse to treat a pauper’s child.
  • With mixed fear and rage, Kino sounds the knocker at the gate.
  • The native servant refuses to speak ‘the old language’ choosing to answer Kino in the tongue of the enemy, the alien race to which the doctor belonged.

4. The encounter between Kino and the doctor.

  • The doctor’s bedroom is furnished with fraudulent luxury and reeks of fraudulent piety.
  • He is sitting in bed, sipping chocolate and dreaming of his short glorious stay in Paris.
  • The doctor sends the servant to find out whether Kino can pay for the treatment
  • Kino offers his eight misshapen, valueless pearls and was turned away.
  • Humiliated, Kino fury explodes in a futile crushing blow of his fist on the gate.
  • The crowd tactfully melts away, greatly aware of Kino’s public shame

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