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The Potato People: Setting - Notes

Based on the novel, discuss the setting.

LOCATIONS : (in Ireland)

a. The oak tree
A good observation post. It was where Patrick kept watch for Mr. Graystone’s men. He spies on Lord Egham’s house. He is starving and he dreams about the magnificent food to be found in Lord Egham’s house.

b. Village ( Skullgoragh)
Patnck is on the lookout for Mr. Oswald Graystone and his men. He sees British soldiers coming and runs to warn the villagers of Skullgoragh.

c. Lord Franks Egham’s house
A magnificent mansion on lands which once belonged to Sean’s family.

d. Main road to Cork
A road crowded with Irish people who are leaving Ireland for better prospects in
America. Patrick joins many other Irish people on the journey to Cock. He meets
Peter O’Connor and his adopted daughter, Mary.

e. Killkaddy
A rich-looking town. Peter buys Patrick a meat pie. They meet a baker who wants to leave Ireland too. Peter and Patrick part company. Peter stays behind, as Mary is sick.

f. A mile from Killkaddy
Patrick meets Marie, a Gipsy ‘princess’. She tells him of her journey all over the world. She reads his palm and predicts his future.

g. Forest
A small forest full of starving people.

h. English Lord’s house
Patrick and Marie look into the house. They see people dancing. Then, they make their way to a room full of food. They eat as much as they can.

i. Port of Cork
Large crowded town with ships in the harbor waiting to transport food and people to America.

j. Warehouse
Large building filled with food and guarded by British soldiers. They hear the sound of shooting. Soldiers attack crowds of angry and hungry people who try to get at the food stored in a warehouse. Patrick and Marie escape.

k. “Three Cats” Inn
An inn where Sean promises to meet Patrick. Sean gives Patrick some money to buy tickets to board the ship ‘Zeus’ for America. Sean refuses to disclose where he really obtained the money.

l “Zeus”
The ship that takes Patrick and Marie to America.

1. LOCATIONS: (in America)

a. New York
Patrick and Marie work here when they arrive in America.

b. Union army
Patrick joins this army of the North to fight the South in the civil War.

c. Union Pacific
Patrick works in this company, helping to build one of the first railways across America.

d. California
Patrick marries Marie and they settle down on a small cattle ranch.


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